#upfortheadventure – Stan Evans

stan#upforadventure – is about being up for whatever, whenever with whomever…

Three years ago I went on a 2-week motorcycle road trip before moving to New York City. I own a Triumph Speed Triple and the reality is there is absolutely nowhere to drive that thing to it’s potential in the city so I decided to try and have one last hurrah – travelling the west coast, meeting friends along the way and see what adventures I could get into. At start of the trip I made up the hashtag #upforadventure and asked people to join me and simply inspire them to try something new…. and well… it worked – soon I was getting suggestions of places to go or invites to meet people along the way. Whatever was happening, it wasn’t the conventional motorcycle road trip and I was definitely not the stereotypical “biker” but people were engaged…. so I made a video and gallery of the trip to keep sharing.

Ironically people who don’t even ride motorcycles started telling me how much that trip meant to them or that now they wanted to go buy a bike and go on a trip. I realized that maybe there is this whole other world out there. Maybe they don’t build their bikes from the ground up, have tattoos or wear leather all the time (not that there is anything wrong with that) but freedom and the spirit of the road calls to them. So I decided to continue with the series and attempting to photograph and film more people who live unconventional lives whom you wouldn’t necessarily peg as bikers yet have a connection to the motorcycles.

@upforadventuresss – featured a dancer/model that commutes in the city, and explores the NYC nightlife.

#upforadventure 3 – goes back to the documentary vibe of a buddies road trip exploring the beauty of the Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks with a few fun twists and turns at the end. The most interesting part of this story is my friend Mike didn’t have a bike when I shot the first #upforadventure but he ended up picking one up after I released the first video and now is a part of the series as the pilot in the first one and my motorcycle partner in this one.

I’ve been working on a few other photo projects as well and hope to turn the whole #upforadventure project into photo book I just need to find few more colorful characters….

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