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A Trio of Sexy Scramblers

Living in Italy has its obvious benefits: exquisite coffee, proper pizza, beautiful cities and architecture, just as beautiful ladies, sunshine in the summer and lashings of snow in the winter. Limoncello rhymes with Mugello. The list is endless but we’ll finish with Verona – the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julian – and this weekend’s Motor Bike Expo. The sometimes-maligned… Read more →

BMW S 1000 RR, MY 2015, International Media Launch.

BMW owns 2015: S 1000 RR best-selling supersports

As well as bragging the best-selling supersports bike over 125cc with the S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad UK has announced its most successful year to date in 2015. 136,963 bikes were sold worldwide last year – 8,478 in the UK with a 22% increase over 2014 – ensuring BMW was officially the most popular brand over 500cc in Blighty. With… Read more →


Shock News: Helmet Cameras Not Dangerous

Much has been made of helmet-mounted cameras and consequent safety fears over their contribution in furthering injuries, specifically head trauma. As motovlogging erupts and the digital era evolves, sticking a camera on your noggin has never been so popular. From a corporate health and safety point of view, the uncertainties have led to a blanket ban on helmet-mounted cams at… Read more →


Ducati announce a jolly prosperous 2015…

Aside from the Rossi/Marquez skirmish, and the release of Fifty Shades of Grey: the movie, 2015 looks set to be remembered for record-breaking manufacturer sales. Ducati has today announced its figures from last season, with 54,800 units leaving the Bologna factory leading to a 22% growth over 2014.   Europe was a key area of growth: Italy up 53% and the… Read more →


Triumph’s Triumph + The End of the Daytona?

Rumours currently festering suggest that Triumph could ditch the Daytona 675 from its range in the not too distant future. Over its decade of existence, the 675 has been developed into the world’s greatest ‘600’ in standard trim, annihilating anything that Japan has had to offer with unrivalled handling and that sweet, sweet triple engine that could well incite mechaphilia.… Read more →


Reach for the lasers. Safe as f*ck…

BMW are showcasing a few innovative concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which starts today (6th of Jan), and hint at how they could make production in the near future. Pioneers of safety and the see and be seen mantra, the first concept is a K 1600 GTL that features frickin’ laser beams. We’ve recently witnessed the… Read more →


Wunderlich 2WD BMW R 1200 GS

German purveyors of all things BMW, Wunderlich has released a teaser of things to come after developing an additional front-wheel drive system for the GS. For now, it’s just a concept, but a lovely, juicy 2WD concept nonetheless – dubbed the R 1200 GS LC. Using a 10Kw electrical gearbox, the hybrid supplies power to the front-end and can be… Read more →

minimoto2 copy

Minimoto Madness: Part Two

Remember last year’s post-Christmas minimoto endurance race, where Team 44Teeth acted as mobile chicanes amongst a clusterfuck of broken bones and trips to A&E? Well, there’s another instalment planned this Chrimbo and we’re rerunning the fun on the 27th of December – with a twist. The format is the same, although there’s a switch to an upgraded, more fanciful venue… Read more →


Motorcycle Live

Team 44Teeth were mixing business with pleasure yesterday at Motorcycle Live: pleasuring ourselves whilst inspired by the onslaught of sexy 2016 steeds and epic one-offs on display. And business? Trying to figure how to monetise this excellence. Either way, it was a spectacle truly appreciated by the majority. Even several years ago it was like a clown futilely entertaining a… Read more →


SCOOP! Valentino Rossi – The Game

We’re in Italy at the Monza Rally. Why? Milestone – the makers of the Official MotoGP game – have announced a partnership with Valentino Rossi for 2016. Next year’s version will be ‘dressed in yellow,’ featuring all the usual championship gaming but dedicated to the nine-time world champion. With changes to 2016’s real-world MotoGP activities at a minimum (Michelin branding… Read more →

2-34 959 PANIGALE

Want to know more about the Ducati 959 Panigale?

After the bedlam of EICMA and the Milan show last week, this week’s action looks set to be a little less hectic. We’re off to Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit for the world press launch of the Ducati 959 Panigale – a track perfect for supermid spankings and assessing its upgrades. Want to know more about it? Thinking of upgrading from… Read more →


BMW joins the Scrambler revolution

Rumour has it that every motorcycle manufacturer will produce a scrambler by 2017. Like ABS, it’ll be compulsory amid sweeping legislation changes throughout the industry and may even assist in world peace, love and harmony. That first paragraph is, of course, dramatised satire. But if someone told us even five years ago that premium brands would be churning out scrambler… Read more →