Valentino Rossi Broke My Heart, or something…

I didn’t watch the Malaysian MotoGP live. Instead, I enjoyed a weekend of debauchery with ten of my bestest mates at a secluded holiday house in Salcombe, Devon. You know, feverishly drinking and inhaling Mr Sheene under a duvet with whores and plenty of poker and japery. I was sharing a room (not a bed) with Mike, for that was… Read more →

Is this the future of UK racing talent?

It’s the British GP at Silverstone this weekend. Although the home-crowning fairytale is mathematically impossible, Danny Kent is edging towards bringing the first GP title back to Blighty since Barry Sheene in 1977. Even without clinching the championship, Kent is already the most successful British rider since Bazza’s era and has a medley of 2016 MotoGP contracts at his disposal.… Read more →

ABS: Help or Hindrance?

Head down, bum up, throttle pinned at 150mph. Grab a handful of brake. A momentary period of satisfying stopping power then…nothing. Hurtling towards a tyre wall at that speed without any brakes because a little black box has thrown a wobbler isn’t my idea of fun. As of 2016, all motorcycles over 125cc will have to be furnished with ABS… Read more →

44T Jackanory: When ambition outweighs talent…

The British Superbike circus rolled into Scotland this weekend. I should have been racing in the Ducati TriOptions Cup but was shafted so far up the botty by a ‘sponsor’, that all you could see was this guy’s toenails dangling between my cheeks. Instead, I endured Knockhill’s action on the TV and witnessed a crash-infested race one, with thousands of… Read more →

Top 5 Tips: How to blag your way into GP Hospitality

Having spent the weekend at the Catalan MotoGP in Barcelona, I picked up on a new craze that’s currently sweeping the globe: randomers strolling into hospitality units without a care in the world, hoping for some free sustenance/beer or a chance to hang with the GP bigwigs. To many, hospitality is the paddock’s mecca, made even more alluring by its… Read more →

Let’s all vote for The Green Party…

Embroiled in parliamentary affairs, alluring lies, deceitful bullshit and party political broadcasts, the general election is nearly upon us – not that we’re politically circumspect. Who are you voting for? Do you even vote? What policies matter? After TV funny man and avid biker, Ross Noble alerted his twitter followers to The Green Party’s motorcycle manifesto, I had to sit… Read more →

Baron’s Blog: Motorcycle Faffery

The sun is coming, the excitement is building – LOL WTF OMG this is really happening. Summer is knocking at the back door and the dreams of touring Europe, days out with your homosapien lovers, fantastical and outrageous ideas that this is the year to buy a special bike and daydreams of 400-mile wheelies whilst licking a 99. It’s April.… Read more →

Some Es are Good…

Is electric power really the future? EU suits and tree-hugging activists across the globe have been trying to ensure the transition happens a lot sooner, with manufacturers also attempting to look like they’re making the effort to save the planet in prototype form or token showcase models. Having sampled several ‘E’ bikes over the years, nothing has come close to… Read more →

5 Reasons why the UK isn’t sh*t…

Plagued with obesity and cheating benefit scummers, run by James Blunts and fraudsters, and a distinct lack of cornering nirvana, the UK isn’t that bad after all. Here are just five reasons why…   1 – Extendabenda exhausts in Japan Ducati’s Panigale range is a thing of beauty, although ruined in Japan due to emission laws and noise restrictions with… Read more →

44Teeth’s 2015 Predictions

The other day, someone asked us what will happen to motorcycling this year, so we gazed into the 44Teeth crystal meth ball to reveal the (possible) highlights* of 2015… January – As most of January is done now, we’ll go straight to February as there’s less to get wrong, therefore slashing chances of a court case. Talking of court cases… February –… Read more →

2015: The Year of the Sportsbike

I feel compelled to write this. Compelled by a burning passion for sportsbikes, compelled by misguided, sometimes deluded people who have jumped on the meaty bandwagon of propaganda. And, having spent my whole life as a sportsbike fanatic, I’m trying hard not to be an opinionated twat but it’s proving tricky. There’s a vicious rumour surrounding sportsbikes in the UK.… Read more →

It’s all about the Benjamins…

Having spent the past few days getting jumped over/crashing my brains out at the Mick Extance school in deepest, darkest Wales, we hit the pub and got onto the touchy topic of making a living from racing. And it got me thinking… I’ve written about the subject in a previous life, and just how hard (and unfair) it is to… Read more →