Metzeler Roadtec 01 Review

Tyre manufacturers have become casualties of their own success in many ways. Outright grip levels and longevity have dramatically increased in recent times, so much so that average consumers aren’t visiting tyre suppliers/fitters as often – once every few years rather than annually. And nowadays, there are reams of do-it-all tyres that satisfy any rider and ability. Metzeler’s M7RR was… Read more →

129898_Alex Hofmann KTM RC16 Spielberg 2015

What can we expect from KTM in MotoGP?

There I was, sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for the shuttle to Losail circuit before qualifying and wondering how I was going to survive another day without alcohol in Qatar. Thoughts of KTM’s MotoGP project also meandered though my mind as, moments earlier, I was told that Bradley Smith had signed for the Austrians. And would you believe it?… Read more →

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‘Valentino Rossi – The Game’ Preview

44Teeth was among the first in the world to play ‘Valentino Rossi – The Game’ at the press launch at MotoGP’s season opener in Qatar, although someone else got there before us: Mr Rossi himself. In previous years a selection of GP riders across all classes were involved in development for Milestone – the creators of the game. For 2016,… Read more →


10 things we’ve learned after Qatar GP

As you may well have clocked from social media activities, we were at Losail circuit in Qatar for MotoGP’s season opener. The principal reason for the jaunt was building investigation work for FIFA the launch of ‘Valentino Rossi – The Game,’ although the main event was obviously some intense racing in all classes. The gaming industry has, seemingly, endless pots… Read more →

Gee Atherton - Action

Gee Atherton: Pedals & Petrol

While Baron was busy ‘editing videos’ and ‘working’, I spent the day (yes, another day) up at Mick Extance’s enduro place with Bridgestone, dicking around on his new fleet of Honda CRFs. More on that very soon but whilst up there in Wales, we got the chance to witness ex-world downhill champ, Gee Atherton making petrol power seem highly inadequate… Read more →


Metzeler Racetec RR K3 Review

Tyres: the final say in whether we remain upright or kiss the tarmac, and an ever-subjective topic for every one of us. Rubber technology and R&D has been drastically enhanced recently to cope with the demands of the latest crop of 200bhp howitzers and, such is the grip on offer, only human (sometimes subconscious) or mechanical errors are the cause… Read more →


44T Isle of Man TT updates

Shit. There are only 80-something days until the 2016 Isle of Man TT. I’ve never been so hyped about an event yet so brimmed with understandable trepidation. Anyway, it’s all good: my homework should meet the required grades (studying onboards mixed with a few trips to the island), further preparation is going smoothly and the team has been working their… Read more →


Bridgestone S21 Preview

As far as launches go, this was one sweet muthafunking launch: Abu Dhabi, a floodlit Yas Marina circuit and a blisteringly sexual array of the latest and greatest sportsbikes at one’s disposal, each wearing Bridgestone’s all-new S21 rubber. Riding Yas Marina is a bucket list, pinch-yourself moment in itself, utterly unique in every aspect from layout to surroundings, from teal… Read more →


The facts behind Euro4 emissions…

In case you hadn’t spotted the common theme among 2016’s fresh models, most have suffered with a mechanical form of exhaust elephantiasis. Yep, those vexatious officials introduced Euro4 emission regulations to save the planet but have scuppered cosmetics in the process, most notably Ducati’s 959 Panigale, which caused pandemonium on release with its stacked outlets. While our four-wheeled foes currently… Read more →


Minimoto Madness: Part Two – The Race

There were megalolz, there were broken bones, there was some bloody serious racing to combat turkey comedowns and hangovers of monumental proportion: the annual post-xmas minimoto endurance race was a who’s who of MotoGP, WSB, BSB and TT paddocks rolled into an old hangar near Swindon. After a hurty leg and getting torpedoed several times during last years event, Baron… Read more →


Video: Onboard Macau with Peter Hickman

Most top-level sportsmen deserve unconditional respect and admiration, although the prerequisite swingers for pure road racing swing my vote of nepotism any day. I honestly can’t understand how these boys even sit down with balls that big and this notion was amplified after watching Peter Hickman’s astonishing onboard footage from this year’s Macau Grand Prix. It’s almost as incredible as… Read more →


Do Supplements Make You Faster?

Doping. Currently a bit of sore point in other sports. After the continuing clusterfuck in cycling and Russian athletes having to take a temporary seat on the naughty step, even doping in football – the UK’s sweetheart – has been brought into question. But what of motorcycle sport? The Haga saga and his dietary pills were well-documented, but I’ve had… Read more →