Ducati Hypermotard 939 Review

It’s always nice to walk away from a press launch without speeding fines or jail visits, particularly mischievous motorcycles that entice hooliganism with minimal provocation, very like the Hypermotard. Although niche in many eyes, Ducati’s fun-packed stunter has always been a personal favourite since model’s inception: that original air-cooled Hyper’ was as simplistic as they come, yet offered undiluted thrills… Read more →


Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Review

Love them or loathe them, modern retros are currently booming. Some major manufacturers are even declaring the segment as priority and, while the hipster fashion over function theme isn’t everyone’s cuppa, the scene has opened motorcycling to a broader audience. Ducati unveiled the Scrambler brand-within-a-brand at the end of 2014 in a bid to attract a wider spread of Ducatisti… Read more →


Ducati XDiavel Review

It’s not often one receives an opportunity to fly halfway around the globe to ride luxury bikes in the equally luxurious California sunshine. Fortunately for me, recent events migrated from dream scenario to real life scenario when Ducati invited 44teeth to the XDiavel international press launch in San Diego. Let’s get straight down to the nitty gritty – I’m not… Read more →


2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Review

“How is handling compromised while nursing an erection,” was probably the finest pre-ride enquiry regarding the 2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800. MV’s stalwart naked of 15 years has undergone a hefty set of engine and chassis revisions in 800cc form, plus obeying to bastard Euro4 emission regs – all whilst retaining those irresistible Latin lines. When a manufacturer declares various… Read more →


Ridden: OHVALE GP-0

OHVALE sounds like something that Linda Morselli would whisper into the ears of Valentino Rossi during an erotic session between the sheets. Maybe Marc Marquez was shouting such expletives in the gravel traps of Malaysia? However, OHVALE is also an Italian brand of motorcycles currently setting trends, attesting size doesn’t matter. Human instinct has witnessed radical adaptation to the UK’s… Read more →


Ducati 959 Panigale Review | First Ride

According to Ducati, yellow superbikes from Bologna only sold during springtime when daffodils were in bloom. While I do miss the slightly unorthodox yellow Ducatis, I wasn’t fussed about pantone specifics on the approach to Valencia’s super-fast turn one aboard the new 959 Panigale. Or that exhaust. In a world where willy-waving litre bikes have forged a stranglehold among the… Read more →


Yamaha R1M: The Beautiful Darkness

I’ve often wondered if vehicles have a soul. It’s a silly notion that inanimate objects can have a bearing and influence over one’s life, or indeed bestow it with love or fear or mediocrity. These things enter our lives as blank storyless books, empty pages waiting to be filled. Experiences you share together inscribing that story with joy, support and… Read more →


Ridden: Kawasaki H2R

When you get offered a chance to ride the most ridiculously powerful and excessive production bike ever created, you say yes – even on a cold, damp, murky autumnal day in front of 30,000 expectant race fans. Kawasaki’s supercharged H2R has owned 2015 in terms of horsepower and willy-waving statistics, so it was only prudent that we understood what all… Read more →


Video: Ducati Monster 1200 R Review | Track Test

For those of you that don’t like reading – or can’t read – here’s our Ducati Monster 1200 R Review in beautiful video format. Shot in the back of 44Teeth’s bang-bus mobile studio, it’s a leisurely discussion on Ducati’s most powerful ever naked bike to make production, plus a bit on the launch venue itself – the exclusive Ascari resort.… Read more →


Ducati Monster 1200 R Review | First Ride

160bhp. 180kg. Öhlins. Forged Marchesinis. Sharper lines. Ducati’s new Monster 1200 R isn’t merely Bologna’s most powerful naked bike ever built; it’s also a potentially potent recipe for a kosher supernaked. But is it? Ducati seems to think so, sighting direct rivals such as KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R, and 44Teeth was one of the first in the world to… Read more →


Ariel Ace: Initial thoughts + Photo spesh

Lurking in an inconspicuous building right on the Somerset/Dorset border lays Ariel Motor Company. Famous for designing and manufacturing stupidly fast cars right here in England, Ariel has also been making a fresh foray into motorcycling with a return to its sacred two-wheeled roots. For those who haven’t been blessed with sightings, say hello to the blisteringly sexual Ariel Ace.… Read more →


Video: Suzuki GSX-S1000F Review

Could this unpretentious thing of blueness be one of the bikes of 2015? Maybe not in the aesthetical pleasures department but dynamically, the Suzuki GSX-S1000F is a superbike-derived weapon that genuinely surprised us. It doesn’t brag a gazillion horsepower, nor does it boast any wiz-bang chassis components, but that hasn’t halted Suzuki in producing a very capable and flexible steed.… Read more →