Every now and then we fall apart. And we need you now tonight, and we need you more than ever, etc.

Seriously though, now and then we’ll come across some exceptional/informative/entertaining prose that’s worthy of 44Teeth, through friends or colleagues, and this is the place to find it. It’s also a good excuse to breakaway from 44T’s regular format. There are no boundaries.

 #upfortheadventure – Stan Evans

stanThree years ago I went on a 2-week motorcycle road trip before moving to New York City. I own a Triumph Speed Triple and the reality is there is absolutely nowhere to drive that thing to it’s potential in the city so I decided to try and have one last hurrah – travelling the west coast, meeting friends along the way and see what adventures I could get into. Read more…


Why I loved my Honda MSX. And why I sold it – John Slavin

2013 MSX125Keeping track of every model in every manufacturer’s range is pretty tricky – you might know about the superbikes and the exciting nakeds, but maybe not the tourers or the cruisers. You probably know nothing of the 125s – which is fair enough. Why would you care once you passed your test?

But if you don’t know about the Honda MSX 125 (Grom if you’re an American) then you’re missing out, whether you’re new to riding or a seasoned pro. Read more…


 Why we’re all underestimating the Kawasaki H2 – John Slavin

h28   When the first teasers of the Kawasaki H2R emerged everyone went a bit mental. It’s easy to see why, really – it’s supercharged and it has actual wings. But lips remained sealed when it came to its power output and performance figures.

Later, when Kawasaki revealed the track-only model’s peak power figure of 300hp, it seemed like all our crazy, lofty expectations would be successfully met. Maybe the road-legal H2 would get 250hp? Read more…





 Getting Dirty – Dan Moto

       44t_dan2You live in England, it’s winter, an hour after waking up at the weekend it’s already getting dark. Every now and again you crack the garage  door open slightly just to check that the pride and joy is still there, waiting… wondering. You look out of the window, frost on the rooftops, wet tarmac on the ground and black clouds in the distance. You let out a blood curdling scream of swear words blaming the weather for everything that’s wrong with your life and head to the kitchen for another cup of tea and maybe a few rich tea’s.

Another Sunday of eBay, porn and facebook stalking it is then. No need to visit the downstairs toilet on the way, there’s still half a roll of loo paper next to the laptop from last weekend’s snowfall.

There has to be more to winter than this…Read more