Halo Unveil World’s First Active Helmet


Halo Active Technologies has launched the CTEC-1: the world’s first ‘active’ helmet that features a raft of juicy gadgets. With a carbon/Kevlar shell that looks suspiciously like a Shoei, its primary USPs are a cooling system with endothermic technology that instantly cools the inside of the helmet after severe impact, and an emergency GPS communications system.

Halo claim that some lids currently on the market ‘increase potential for lasting neurological or even fatal damage to occur,’ due to their insulating properties. Cooling is a recognised antidote to swelling so Halo has patented the trick technology that produces an endothermic chemical reaction inside the helmet lining.

The ‘Halocator’ (see what they did there?) is the name given to the emergency GPS comms, activated after an accident that contacts a call centre and alerts emergency services if needed. If you are unconscious following a crash and there’s no answer from the live onboard comms, next of kin and other information can be identified.

At £999, it’s a premium product and requires a yearly subscription (after a year free) for the Halocator. Sure, the CTEC-1 will naturally have its cynics, although there’s no denying this helmet will save lives. And the fact it doesn’t look like an orthopaedic training tool also helps. What d’ya reckon?

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