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Yes sports fans. Join us for British Superbikes at Thruxton next week (3rd-5th of August), as we’ve teamed-up with the UK’s greatest dealership, Bahnstormer BMW, for a weekend of two wheel chatter and general hang time. The Budget Bike Battle steeds will be present and stealing the limelight in Bahnstormer’s mini showroom, right next to the skidpan in Thruxton’s all-new £2M hospitality centre.

As well as the SRAD and championship-winning ZX-7R, Chris will also be making his British Superbike debut bringing the HP4 RACE and his Smokin’ Customs R 100/7. So feel free to drop by, chat shit, grab a sticker, and sit on the internet’s finest machinery. Please – no snail trails. Bahnstormer will also be laying on plenty of other entertainment and there’ll no doubt be bargains to be had with some mild bartering, as well as a free sausage to nibble on Sunday.

Amongst the MSV/Jonathan Palmer monopoly, Thruxton is almost the forgotten love child of the BSB calendar but always provides exquisite racing and unconditional thrills. Our local circuit is also celebrating its 50th anniversary and, the way this year’s BSB championship is shaping up, next weekend is going to be a banger.

So, come join us. Head on over to the Thruxton website and use code ‘STORMER’ at the checkout to receive a hefty discount on tickets. Ooooosh.



BvG’s HP4 Race will be gracing Thruxton…




  3 comments for “Join us at Thruxton BSB

  1. cinstone36
    July 28, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Would have popped down, but have just booked to go to the IOM. Have fun!

  2. Dennis Morais
    July 28, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    Oi! Sounds like a great time. A little far for me to go, however! Still, would love to meet you guys and see the BBB I combatants in the flesh! I was wondering if you were going to keep them and fix the flaws. Well done on keeping them.

    So I HAVE to ask – Why is the comment on Von Grumble’s BSB debut struck through? Was that a joke or was he actually preparing to race but something came up? I didn’t even know he had his racing license. Apologies, Chris, for not keeping up. I think that is fantastic. So details, please! Regardless, enjoy the event. I’m sure the turnout will be great.

    • Dennis Morais
      July 29, 2018 at 5:51 am

      OK, now that I have thought about it and read it a few more times I realize that in fact the BSB bit was a joke! I just got excited for Chris. See how it is? You get an HP4 Race, and suddenly yer a rock star!

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