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Video: Ducati 1299 Panigale v Yamaha R1

From 125cc learner bikes to 125mph-in-second-gear steeds, the latest edition of our 44Tea chat reviews features the beauty and the beast: Ducati’s 1299 Panigale versus the all-new Yamaha R1. You’ve probably already heard how fantastical they are on the track, chasing tenths against the stopwatch? Well, in this video we’re talking everyday vibes and usability, and how they behave on… Read more →

2015 Yamaha R1 v Ducati 1299 Panigale

They don’t come much meaner (or redder) than this pairing. Our pick of 2015 – Ducati’s 1299 Panigale and the all-new Yamaha R1 – have been engrossed in a 44T style head-to-head skirmish over the past few weeks and the results stunned us. I never thought I’d say this, ever, but Ducati has built a better sportsbike for the road… Read more →

2015 Yamaha YZF-R1

17 years since its inception and first public appearance in Milan, Yamaha released the all-new R1 in the same city. It was the opposite end of the spectrum from Ducati’s theatre launch. Yamaha chose a warehouse, albeit a Gucci one to debut the 2015 range.   After sifting through the supporting acts, it was the R1’s unveiling. We’d heard rumours… Read more →