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Video: Panigale Pre-race Prep

We’re lucky enough to work with one of the best teams in the British Superbike paddock, not just amongst the throng of Ducati Cup runners. The P&H/Carl Cox squad amass endless hours of behind-the-scenes grafting and bike prep before and after every race. Race weekends are merely a fraction of what really goes on, which is probably why they’ve bagged… Read more →

R13 BSB Assen P&H 19-09-15 042

Ducati TriOptions Cup: Rd6 Assen

I’m no overly religious person (some say it could be atheism) but I sure as hell love spanking a bike at the Cathedral of Speed. Round 6 of the Ducati TriOptions Cup joined the annual BSB pilgrimage to Assen, and it was a story of highly highs and lowly lows. My favourite circuit on the calendar is more than just… Read more →

R02 Brands TriOption 18-04-15 010

Ducati TriOptions Cup: Rd1 Brands Hatch

Racing can an emotional rollercoaster riddled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. When it’s good, everything else in life is irrelevant. When it’s bad, it’s very, very bad – life itself is almost irrelevant, the journey home is a miserable place, something only racers can fathom. After an encouraging end to last season, we headed to Brands Hatch… Read more →