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Video: Aprilia RSV4 RF v Yamaha R1M – Road Test

Here’s the second instalment of our mammoth Aprilia RSV4 RF v Yamaha R1M test in glorious audio-visualisation, and this time it’s a road-based analysis for the sportiest steeds of 2015. The pairing proved problematic to split after a day at Silverstone, with only subjective characteristics swaying the halfway conclusion. But whichever way you look at it, the Aprilia is far… Read more →

Video: Aprilia RSV4 RF v Yamaha R1M

In case you didn’t know, we’ve just nailed a marathon back-to-back test with Aprilia’s RSV4 RF and the Yamaha R1M: a day of circuit assessments at Silverstone followed by a few hundred pothole-infested road miles in the south of England for the ultimate conclusion. And entertainment. If there was some sort of official terminology for making love to sexy-sounding motorcycles,… Read more →