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Yamaha R1M: The Beautiful Darkness

I’ve often wondered if vehicles have a soul. It’s a silly notion that inanimate objects can have a bearing and influence over one’s life, or indeed bestow it with love or fear or mediocrity. These things enter our lives as blank storyless books, empty pages waiting to be filled. Experiences you share together inscribing that story with joy, support and… Read more →

Oulton Park + Post-service Spankings

Bad news I’m afraid: Baron von Grumble was arrested by the carbon fibre police yesterday. The special force – who has strong links to government officials and MI6 – cited several horrendous clashes of carbon weave (particularly the conflicting directions) and a complete disregard for trackday fashion. Carbon wheels, carbon frame guards, carbon subframe, carbon tampons and those carbon-Kevlar fairings… Read more →

Video: Fireblade Fettling

After a lax servicing period and several track dates looming, we decided to treat BvG’s Fireblade to some much-needed refurbishment at JHS Racing. Brake pads needed changing (as you can see from the video), the oil needed dropping (it resembled Hulk’s jizz) and, in general, the whole bike required some titivation. And as good as the Power Commander V’s Autotune… Read more →

Video: Aprilia RS125 v KTM RC125

This 125cc skirmish was, without doubt, one of the most entertaining motorcycle-based days we’ve both encountered. Hopefully you’ve perused the prose, now it’s time for video format. A trip to Cheddar Gorge and the Mendip TT roads highlighted just how rapid the Aprilia RS125 was – but also how much distress it caused during everyday chores. On the flipside, KTM’s… Read more →

Baron’s Blog: BMW Off-Road Skills

Wales. It’s, well, Welsh. For us urban dwellers, more used to blindly ambling the metropolitan streets, buried in a bigger than big iPhone 6, preaching sensationalism to the world about just how good their mochafrappacino was that morning… Wales is not top of their Google Calendar agendas. With the potted scars of industrial decrepidation and worrying social issues, the skinny… Read more →

Baron’s Blog: Motorcycle Faffery

The sun is coming, the excitement is building – LOL WTF OMG this is really happening. Summer is knocking at the back door and the dreams of touring Europe, days out with your homosapien lovers, fantastical and outrageous ideas that this is the year to buy a special bike and daydreams of 400-mile wheelies whilst licking a 99. It’s April.… Read more →

Öhlins FGRT Fork: The Fitting…

My passion for working on bikes stems from being forced (in a good way) to rebuild two-stroke motocross engines as a teenager, locked in a garage by my father with only battery acid to drink. You either love it or hate it, and patience is a vital prerequisite – something I still haven’t grasped. So when Baron suffered one of… Read more →

Introducing the GSX-R Patrol…

Say hello the Suzuki GSX-R Patrol: an exclusive 44Teeth production in attempt to create the most adventurous, most versatile sportsbike ever made. If you didn’t know, 2015 is the 30th anniversary of the iconic GSX-R, so what better way to celebrate a birthday than to bastardise one in the name of amusement? 30th birthdays usually involve a big party and… Read more →

Baron’s blog: My GSX-R1000 K7

Some things in life come easily to you, and some things come hard. I have a philosophy about this when thinking back over the years to the various vehicles I’ve owned or used – or that have been part of my life. Every one that I’ve struggled to acquire has been a pain in the cock. Whether this has been… Read more →

Video: BvG’s Super Duke R on the Dyno

Boom, there it is: 157bhp of manic v-twin manners in graphical format, and video below. We took BvG’s KTM 1290 Super Duke R to JHS Racing for a power run and this was the result. For a bog-stock motor and Akrapovic can, the numbers are impressive… We’ve seen anything from 150bhp to 155bhp, and know that even an end-can (with… Read more →

Riding BvG’s KTM 1290 Super Duke R

As far as KTM 1290 Super Duke R reviews go, this is slightly special. I grabbed the keys to his lordship’s steed and the look on his faultlessly sexy, chiselled face was one of ‘don’t fucking crash it’. You’ve heard of the saying, ‘win it or bin it’. Well, Baron won it and flung it, but it’s all worked out… Read more →

Next week: Riding BvG’s KTM 1290 Super Duke R

Yep, I’ve got the keys to the original Jizz Machine: Baron von Grumble’s KTM 1290 Super Duke R. After riding it, winning it (not sure how), crashing it and fixing it, his lordship has relinquished the keys and she’s now primed for a spring-time spanking. Although it took me a while to gel with KTM’s new supernaked, there’s not a… Read more →