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Ducati XDiavel Review

It’s not often one receives an opportunity to fly halfway around the globe to ride luxury bikes in the equally luxurious California sunshine. Fortunately for me, recent events migrated from dream scenario to real life scenario when Ducati invited 44teeth to the XDiavel international press launch in San Diego. Let’s get straight down to the nitty gritty – I’m not… Read more →

Video: Ducati XDiavel – First Ride Thoughts

Fresh from worldwide launch mileage in San Diego, El Barone checks in with his first ride thoughts on the Ducati XDiavel. He’ll be currently slaving away at his laptop in economy class, bashing out some more detailed prose on the cruiser that thinks it’s a supernaked. Either that or sipping gin and juice. No doubt myself and Nigel Mansell Baron… Read more →

Ducati XDiavel

If ever there was a bike that elegantly depicted violence or ram-raid strategies without turning a wheel, it’d be the Ducati XDiavel. Or Diavel X. Or X, or something. It’s the kind of bike Ross Kemp would ride around vexing nasty gangs, wielding firearms and screaming expletives. As per usual from Bologna, it’ll be available in the base model or… Read more →