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Video: Shocking Workshop Skills

In another episode of 44T Blog Sessions, Jason Statham and Robert Webb attack the Vonda with an ill-fated attempt at removing the poorly shock. With the front-end sorted, it was turn of the Öhlins TTX unit to receive some much-needed affection and recall attention. We wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a guide to removing a Fireblade’s shock.… Read more →

Oulton Park + Post-service Spankings

Bad news I’m afraid: Baron von Grumble was arrested by the carbon fibre police yesterday. The special force – who has strong links to government officials and MI6 – cited several horrendous clashes of carbon weave (particularly the conflicting directions) and a complete disregard for trackday fashion. Carbon wheels, carbon frame guards, carbon subframe, carbon tampons and those carbon-Kevlar fairings… Read more →

Video: Fireblade Fettling

After a lax servicing period and several track dates looming, we decided to treat BvG’s Fireblade to some much-needed refurbishment at JHS Racing. Brake pads needed changing (as you can see from the video), the oil needed dropping (it resembled Hulk’s jizz) and, in general, the whole bike required some titivation. And as good as the Power Commander V’s Autotune… Read more →

Riding John McGuinness’s Superstock ‘Blade

There are numerous specs of rain on my visor. It’s still spitting – lightly spitting but headfucky nonetheless. Stone-cold prototype Dunlop NTECs with chunks ripped out still fresh from a four-lap TT race aren’t on warmers, and all I can think of is John McGuinness talking of “retiring the fairings” when the bike’s done its rounds. I’m absolutely shitting it.… Read more →

Bouncy, Bouncy, Up and Downy

Hidden among the feast of factory superbikery at last week’s annual Honda/Dunlop pre-TT test at Castle Combe was this beauty: John McGuinness’ privately-run superstock Fireblade. On closer inspection of his steed, I noticed she wasn’t wearing the almost de rigueur golden suspension, instead dressed in purple kit – Maxton. McPint is being welcomed to the Maxton stable for 2015, running… Read more →

Öhlins FGRT Fork: The Fitting…

My passion for working on bikes stems from being forced (in a good way) to rebuild two-stroke motocross engines as a teenager, locked in a garage by my father with only battery acid to drink. You either love it or hate it, and patience is a vital prerequisite – something I still haven’t grasped. So when Baron suffered one of… Read more →

Top 5: Honda Fireblade Mods

Bereft of 200bhp and all the latest gizmos, Honda’s trusty old Fireblade is still the most popular big-bore sportsbike in the UK. Since the remould in 2008, it’s been at the top of the sales charts despite the lack of race wins on a Sunday, and constant updates of rivals. Purists prefer the undiluted nature, other simply can’t afford a £15k… Read more →