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Flashback: Super Duke GTs to Austrian MotoGP

This time last year, I was recovering from my stag weekend. It wasn’t a very civilised affair and many boundaries were broken. My soul was broken too, but there wasn’t time to mope around and contemplate the debauchery (even if the Waybuloo theme tune sparked emotional turmoil) because we had a 44T mission to complete – riding to the Austrian… Read more →

Video: KTM Super Duke GT to GP – EP03

Better late than never, the final chapter of GT2GP begins halfway though our second day of riding to the Red Bull Ring, Spielberg. Just when we thought the roads couldn’t get any sexier, we inadvertently discovered the 114: a road so stimulating, the locals call it the g-spot. If you’re ever in Austria – or even visiting neighbouring countries –… Read more →

Video: Super Duke GT to GP – EP02

It’s Saturday morning. We’re nursing gargantuan G&T hangovers and pizza comedowns after consuming far too much. The air is still thick with an overriding scent of the Partridge perfumery. There’s one of the most beautiful lakes and consequent backdrops you’ve ever seen. A pedalo elegantly dances on the water outside our hotel – our hotel called Seewinkel – enticing us… Read more →

Video: Austrian MotoGP Special – GT to GP – EP01

As many 44T regulars will have clocked, we went on a little adventure to Austria recently, beginning at Salzburg airport and culminating at the Red Bull Ring for an awesome weekend of GP action. Fresh from a solo Euro excursion, Baron met me at the airport and we started a sketchy taxi-bike journey on his lordship’s GS – with a… Read more →

Austrian MotoGP Special: GT to GP Teaser

For me, there were three essential, must-have steeds for 2016 before I’d even slung a leg over this season’s finest array of metal: Yamaha’s MT-10, the Kawasaki ZX-10R, and KTM’s 1290 Super Duke GT – all for obvious reasons. After testing the former pairing in vigorous fashion, it was about time we tasted KTM’s touring-based tweakings to the bonkers SD-R.… Read more →

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

Pioneers of orange-based hooliganism, KTM has unveiled a 1290 Super Duke GT for 2016. Given its Grand Touring pre-conceived credentials, is it a Super Duke R for your dad? Erm, looking at the technical details and new-fangled technology, and the fact it’s a KTM, no chance. The GT’s power source (and chassis) is based on the 1290 Super Duke R.… Read more →