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Yard Built VMAX ‘CS_07 Gasoline’

Yes, this is a VMAX, albeit an unrecognisable VMAX that triggered social media uproar today. The whimsically named ‘it roCkS!bikes’ duo from Portugal are responsible for this piece of art: the radical ‘CS_07 Gasoline.’ Yamaha’s European-inspired Yard Built project continues to produce some striking one-offs. This retro dragster is Alexandre Santos and Osvaldo Coutinho’s third Yard Built custom, clearly beefing… Read more →

Yamaha VMAX Infrared

Hot on the heels of Yamaha releasing the production VMAX carbon, say hello to the Infrared: a celebration of 30 years of VMAX and the Yard Built project’s newest recruit. Yamaha joined forces with German custom experts, JvB-moto and the man behind it, Jens vom Brauck to create the Infrared. His idea was to morph the VMAX into a café… Read more →