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The £2,500,000 Garage | Yamaha Racing Experience

What happens when Yamaha assembles 150 R1Ms into the garage at Silverstone? You have yourselves a £2,500,000 garage. That’s exactly what happened last August (yes, we know, apologies for the late upload) when the Yamaha Racing Experience rolled into the UK for what should have been the ultimate trackday. VIPs, world championship racers, technical seminars, 150 R1Ms gracing our very… Read more →

Video: ECU Flashing

Some forms of flashing are frowned upon, and rightly so. However, ECU flashing has become a staple part of sportsbike lifestyle in recent years, particularly as superstock racing now permits ECU fettling, and rightly so. Is the good old fashioned fuelling module redundant? Based on these results, yes. At just over £200 for an exclusive map (plus dyno time), it’s… Read more →

Video: Yamaha R1M Datalogger

Sometimes there isn’t time/space to divulge certain specifics during our videos/reviews (sometimes no-one gives a damn anyway), though sometimes certain specifics on certain bikes are worth sharing. Yamaha’s R1M is arguably the most technologically advanced sportsbike that’s ever graced this planet and comes laden with enough gizmos to open an electrical store of its own. One of the standout features… Read more →

Video: Aprilia RSV4 RF v Yamaha R1M – Road Test

Here’s the second instalment of our mammoth Aprilia RSV4 RF v Yamaha R1M test in glorious audio-visualisation, and this time it’s a road-based analysis for the sportiest steeds of 2015. The pairing proved problematic to split after a day at Silverstone, with only subjective characteristics swaying the halfway conclusion. But whichever way you look at it, the Aprilia is far… Read more →

Video: Aprilia RSV4 RF v Yamaha R1M

In case you didn’t know, we’ve just nailed a marathon back-to-back test with Aprilia’s RSV4 RF and the Yamaha R1M: a day of circuit assessments at Silverstone followed by a few hundred pothole-infested road miles in the south of England for the ultimate conclusion. And entertainment. If there was some sort of official terminology for making love to sexy-sounding motorcycles,… Read more →

Yamaha R1M: The Beautiful Darkness

I’ve often wondered if vehicles have a soul. It’s a silly notion that inanimate objects can have a bearing and influence over one’s life, or indeed bestow it with love or fear or mediocrity. These things enter our lives as blank storyless books, empty pages waiting to be filled. Experiences you share together inscribing that story with joy, support and… Read more →