Video: Harleys, Wakeboarding & ‘Gators


At the end of last year, I drunk four pints of Stella – all before 8.30am – and drunkenly boarded a plane to Orlando for the Bridgestone H50 tyre launch. The flight was full of nauseating children who had been fed sugar, possibly even northern-spec amphetamine by the intense state of some, all en route to Disney Land in Florida. I’m not entirely sure what my point is but the Stella numbed the sprog-induced pain somewhat.

Anyway, back to the tyre launch, and we had a full week in the US, yet only a day’s riding. There are 1.3 million alligators in Florida so, to fill some time, we went ‘gator hunting in a Gentle Ben style and attempted to wakeboard. Neither was very successful but japes were had nonetheless.

And of the riding? I sampled probably the worst motorcycle in the world and had an epiphany. Ladies and gents, here’s a week’s worth of Bridgestone H50 launch squeezed into a short vid.


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  1. Rod
    January 12, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Awwwwww Mate! That HD and in Florida! I couldn’t think of a worse combination! Just a quick google search for “Florida man” is enough to tell you why that state is wank. Come out to Virginia and I’ll show you lads some of the best sport touring on the east coast. West Virginia is also absolutely amazing. I could probably arrange some bikes as well. Provided they are KTM’s.

    When I sold tires, I would constantly get complaints about cruiser tires either being rock hard or squaring off in no time. A lot of clients wanted way to much for the technology available and not understand that their bikes weighed as much as a small house and riding from Philadelphia to Sturgis and back all on highways will indeed give you a square tire. However, this is the same mentality of people who put car tires on gold wings. I’ve seen it! I believe for a lot of these heavy bike people need a bit more education on their bikes and how tires work. A better educated customer tends to be willing to spend their cash on better gear. Its awesome to see Bridgestone killing it! I love my S21’s!

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