Video: James Hillier’s Bournemouth Kawasaki ZX-6R


You’d be surprised at the amount of additional work needed to ensure a bike – normally adequate for short circuit duties – is suitable enough to tackle a fortnight of Isle of Man TT spankings. We headed down to Bournemouth Kawasaki to inspect James Hillier’s fleet of TT racers, and a closer look at his ZX-6R Supersport steed…

Obviously, the road-going 636 that’s available for public consumption is a bit cheaty for racing purposes, so Kawasaki still produces a number of genuine 600cc engines designed for competition. The updated 636 chassis is still utilised.

We’ve also got an impending VanVlogs with James and a brief walkaround of his 2016 ZX-10R superbike sucking, banging and blowing for the very first time.


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