Video: Panigale Pre-race Prep


We’re lucky enough to work with one of the best teams in the British Superbike paddock, not just amongst the throng of Ducati Cup runners. The P&H/Carl Cox squad amass endless hours of behind-the-scenes grafting and bike prep before and after every race. Race weekends are merely a fraction of what really goes on, which is probably why they’ve bagged two championship wins in three years – it’s certainly not my participation.

Judging comments, emails and social media, you guys and gals love a bit of behind-the-scenes spanner work and faffery. So, ahead of the next round at Assen, I dropped into P&H Motorcycles HQ in Crawley and got stuck in asked to leave the tools alone. Here’s a brief gander at what happens to our 899 Panigale, garnished with a touch of magnesium…


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