Video: Save of the Year?


Nobody likes crashing. Crashing is bad. Not even Ruben Xaus liked crashing despite his penchant for doing so most weekends. And highsides? No thanks, especially when you’ve worked your bollocks off to fund your pride and joy.

Saving gargantuan highsides, broken bones and hideous amounts of money is usually left for the professionals (Randy Mamola’s infamous save back in the 80s springs to mind) but a mate of 44T’s recently replicated the feat. Liam Turberfield was minding his own business at a trackday at Silvertstone aboard his Suzuki. Exiting Brooklands, it looked as though Turbo did nothing wrong. And then…

“I wasn’t going to drop it. This bike means more to me than you’ll ever know – it’s my future house deposit! It was hard work keeping the bike upright and I’ve destroyed a brand-new set of 4SR leathers and Daytona boots, but there’s no way I could let it go.” It might have been cheaper to let go, Liam…

“I’m 27 on Monday, still young enough to race, and I wanted to have one good go at with some good kit. I bought a GSX-R1000 recently and took it to Silvertstone. I’d never been there before but I was going okay, and I spotted a photographer on the last corner. I tried lap after lap to get my elbow down but it just wasn’t happening, and my plan was to have another go and get back into the pits and call it a day. I think I just asked for too much throttle.”

Just to finish the day off nicely, his dad got a bit excited with the paddock stand and nearly added to the damage. 10/10.


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