Video: Triumph Street Cup + Scrambler Review


Triumph is currently in a pretty decent state of affairs, claiming number one ‘big-bike’ brand in the UK and having the luxury of its modern retro steeds selling themselves for fun. There’s also a fresh wave of performance-enhancing roadsters emerging, led by the new Street Triple 765. And, having commandeered the Moto2 engine supplier’s role, even racing is creeping back into Triumph’s ethos. It’s all very exciting in a patriotic sense.

Anyway, back to that booming modern retro scene, and Chris Baron had his first taste of Hinckley’s finest, freshest models in the all-new Street Cup and Scrambler. Launched in Seville – supposedly Europe’s hottest city – the new Street pairing are essentially the same underneath, yet translate into completely different bikes come the ride.

Sit back, grab a brew (or a beer) and have a gander, innit.


  2 comments for “Video: Triumph Street Cup + Scrambler Review

  1. Richard Franklin
    January 27, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    wire spokes? Faaarkorfardavit.

  2. Rod
    January 27, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    Odd question. Who does the filming if only one of you guys go to a launch? Does Triumph supply a guy to film everyone as they go past and then you get the footage later? On the surface launches look like a lot of fun but I bet its hard work trying to cram everything into one or two days and wrap your head around the bike.

    I’m glad to see Triumph killing it these days! Here’s hoping for a new Daytona. It had better be amazing.

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