Wunderlich 2WD BMW R 1200 GS


German purveyors of all things BMW, Wunderlich has released a teaser of things to come after developing an additional front-wheel drive system for the GS. For now, it’s just a concept, but a lovely, juicy 2WD concept nonetheless – dubbed the R 1200 GS LC.

Using a 10Kw electrical gearbox, the hybrid supplies power to the front-end and can be used as a standalone drive source, reaching speeds of up to 12.5mph using battery power when the bike’s ignition is off. Its functionality is adjustable during operation and there’s also a reverse function – all 3kph.

The trickery doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Wunderlich has installed an energy recovery system that recycles braking energy to recharge the battery.

Obvious benefits include improved traction on iffy terrain, loading a mass of adventure bike into a van, and basic manoeuvring assistance. Companies like BMW – with all their might and resources – have surely developed in-house all-wheel drive systems, so it makes you wonder how tangible the benefits of 2WD truly are if we haven’t seen such delicacies. But used in the right niche, it can only be a matter of time before concept becomes reality.


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