Yamaha Concepts at the Tokyo Show


With the 44th Tokyo Motor Show now well underway, Yamaha is the latest to showcase its concept offerings – including a bloody car. As well as displaying six brand-new production models, the theme of Yamaha’s 2015 booth is ‘Resonate’, and our pick of the bunch is this Resonator 125 concept.

‘It proposes a lifestyle with an authentic sport bike for young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling.’ Or the joys of a 1990’s Montego Countryman dash, with those panels on the tank and seat cowl made from authentic wood grain materials used in guitars. Jokes aside, we hope it makes production…



MWT-9: This three-wheeler utilises Yamaha’s Leaning Multi-Wheel technologies, powered by a three-cylinder 850cc motor and based heavily on the MT-09. There’s heavy emphasis on cornering in the press gubbins and the MWT-9 looks like another concept that’s not too far from production lines. It looks scary.


Sports Ride Concept: Hot on the heels of Honda’s four-wheeled sportiness, Yamaha has unveiled its motorcycle-inspired car concept by trying to encapsulate the feelings of a ride into four-wheels. It uses iStream (no, not Apple technology) processes developed by Gordon Murray in Formula One.

Yamaha also mentions ‘an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot.’ Yamaha’s R&D department is currently working on the robot to ride an unmodified bike on a racetrack at more than 200km/h. Let’s hope it debuts in better fashion than Volvo’s effort…

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