Triumph Announce Global Partnership With Bajaj


Triumph has just announced a ‘global partnership’ with Indian manufacturer, Bajaj – the world’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer – which is a major deal for the Hinckley factory. Triumph claims that the partnership will deliver a range of mid-capacity bikes, further design and development technology and worldwide distribution, among other obvious benefits such as wallet-friendly bikes.  

If this isn’t a clue as to Triumph’s forthcoming lightweight and middleweight plans, we don’t know what is. Expect to see a flurry of more budget steeds coming from India in the not-too-distant future – something Triumph has been desperately missing from its range. Street Triple 350, perhaps?

Not only is Bajaj the 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer, it’s also in the top-20 businesses in India and shifted 3.66 million vehicles last year. Interestingly, Bajaj own a portion of KTM and produce many of the Austrian firms lower capacity street bikes like the RC and Duke range. Given the economic shittery and the state of Brexit Britain, this could be a very shrewd move from Triumph and a chance to enter new markets. If the non-equity partnership is anywhere near as successful as KTM’s Indian foray, then the Bloors will be laughing…

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  1. Rod
    August 10, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Could this be the beginning of a proper Gucci lightweight bike? When I went looking for a fun, beginner bike for my prettier half we both settled on the KTM Duke 390. From the factory it felt the less S#@T and could be something she could grow into instead of flip for a 650 in 3 month. The only problem is its going to start showing its weaknesses when she gets on track. Having to swap out suspension is going to get damn costly. Here’s hoping for a small Triumph that would be a fantastic little beginner track weapon you can commute on. Fingers crossed!

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