Video: Budget Bike Battle | First Ride


There’s always an immense amount of trepidation and uncertainty surrounding a first ride of any secondhand purchase, especially if the bike is furry, smells of fish and the brakes don’t work. After parting with the spondoolies, this second instalment of the Budget Bike Battle is all about that first ride, sniffing out the source of fishy fragrance and spanking the ZX-7R and SRAD to ensure the wheels don’t fall off/the bikes don’t spontaneously combust.

The pre-ride excitement was just as palpable as the fear. With fresh V5s and tanks fulla gas, we hit the leafy roads of Hampshire and prepared for anything and everything to happen. In fairness, it didn’t take too long to realise we’d bought some straight bikes and subsequent skulduggery ensued. But, needless to say, these miles were eventful.

Next up are the all important dyno sessions…


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